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Bringing it Back to Life — Mike Relm Opens for Blue Man Group January 14, 2008

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Quick synopsis of the Blue Man Group:


Wow. Last night was amazing. Blue Man Group graced us with its presence at the US Airways Center in Downtown Phoenix. With the show, I didn’t even know what to expect, I didn’t read up on it and had only seen commercials prior to seeing the show. I was just blown away by the entire time. From the well-played acting and incredible music that engulfed every inch of the Center to the opening act.

The Blue Man Group opening act my friends was incredible. Think what DJ Supreme had in mind for the turntable revolution¬†and times it by 10. Mr. Mike Relm was intense and casual, turning on songs like the Charlie Brown theme and Pee-wees playhouse. Who does that? Amazing. Would definitely go to see him when he’s on his own out there, because he will be and I think he may have already been.