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McDonalds Premium coffee? Is this your cup of tea? January 9, 2008

Steven Gonzales 01/09/2008


When we talk about going out for coffee thoughts of an elegant shop filled with business professionals and trendy hipsters comes to the mind of many Americans. Independent shops, Starbucks and the like have helped many people develop this image. Lets face it, coffee is not just a drink, it is a fashion statement. Or is it?



An article in the January 7th Wall Street Journal shed more light on McDonald’s overall strategy with the revamped coffee, which it started selling in third quarter 2007. McDonald’s instead of Starbucks could become the way of the future some say. The stock of the two companies have moved in opposite directions over the last few months (McDonalds increases, while Starbucks continues to drop).

The two shops have started to encroach on each others turf; Starbucks by offering sandwiches and McDonalds with its new blend of coffee. Is it really just about the coffee anymore? Is it more of the experience that draws us out for this beverage; does it matter where we purchase it?

Can McDonald’s replace Starbucks?  

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