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Marketing Tactics Getting Sneaky April 9, 2008

So everyone gets those emails from saying you won the UK lottery that might look something like this:

UK Lottery

What about the marketing phone calls — from Timeshare companies or people looking to give you a survey? Well none of these can possibly add up to what I went through just the other day. I got a very suspiscious phone call that went like this:

Me: Hello

Caller: Is this Frank ___ (can’t remember last name but irrelevant)

Me: No you have the wrong number

Caller: OH I hate when people enter other people’s names into contests, because Frank put your number in as the contact number and this number won a possible prize of $5,000

Me: oh really (sarcastically) not interested.

Caller: You can’t say that there’s nothing to loose when you have a chance to win 5,000, 1,000, 500 a new Apple Touch Ipod or a 3-day vacation.

Me: Wait a second 3-day vacation? Are you a timeshare company?

Caller: No No No never — we are a company looking to get you interested in our services and decided to offer you an incentive to visit us with no obligation to buy. So you can walk away slate free.

Me: OK I’m listening.

Caller: Just come down to our offices in Gilber, Arizona and sit through a presentation for 90 min. about the company and go on your marry way.

Me: Do I need anything?

Caller: A license and creditcard or check

Me: well — if I don’t have to buy anything what do I need that for?

Caller: We want to make sure if you ever did want to make traveling that you had the potential to back it.

Me: OK — send me the info (conversation continues, supervisor has to make sure the appointment is set, I go on questioning and such)

Later that day–I went to check up on the company (Star Vacation Club) to see how legit they were. After looking for about 5 minutes I soon realized I walked myself into a potential scam. They had been sited for their lack of business standards and much more. No prizes get awarded, they take your credit info. It was a huge scam. They have no website with valid info, you can’t even call them back if you wanted to.

However I  redialed the number that called in to set them straight luckily I remembered the rep, it didn’t really matter she picked up the phone.

In any case be weary of companies that come off such as these.

Here are just some of the negative responses I found on Star Vacation Club one:

Star Vacation Club — Shame on you.