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The Green Campaign Part I June 5, 2008

So, before I got into this I want to give you a little background. I am not a green person — I drive a small non-hybrid suv, I leave the windows and doors open with the air on for cross circulation of cool air, and do the same in my car, my recycling is mediocre — if there’s no bin I’m not bringing it home, if I had a pool/lawn I’m sure I would fill it up/water it with every chance. Styrofoam cups don’t make me cringe either. Do you believe it?

I am just being real. Not going to hide behind anything. I had previously posted what is our part as Generation Y in the evolution of going green. I talked about the zap car back in September. I thought then because I was in the process of buying a new car and thought why not try to go green, but again just washed it aside and but the damn Escape anyways.

Now I am here on a one-woman quest to run a green campaign. It was will be small in looking but a large feat for me. My goal is to incorporate something in the green measure into my daily lifestyle, as long as possible.

Here is where I started. BAGS. Yes, sounds dumb, but how many times do you buy two drinks as the convenient store and are given a bag automatically, that you probably throw in the trash when you get home, or into a draw with a bunch of other bags that never all get used. Anyways — this has been my first task.

I have been on it now for about three weeks. (BTW, I am not ashamed giving props to companies that I may be using in my campaign) My bags that I have been using are 1. The ChicoBag ( I got this from an old boss) 2. Trader Joe’s Bag ( I bought this there one day) 3. Brown paper bags.

Both the Trader Joe’s Bag and The Chico Bag are roomy — I use them when buying small items and the Chico bag can fit in my pocket or purse, so it’s good for storage, trader joe’s not as great. I used the brown bags when I went shopping for food and bought a lot.

I am thinking to buy more ChicoBags and keep them in the car for trips such as these. More to come with my next journey — Cutting time off in the car.

-Celeste Johnson, Expresso PR