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Addicted at the Wheel with Nintendo Thumbs to Prove it December 28, 2007


Yes, I do have a downfall, a few more but I’ll save those for later, it’s the “texting while driving” syndrome. You do it too, I know it.

You don’t need to carry on a whole conversation with someone, hi how are you, how was your weekend — The only information I want out of you is who your hair dresser is or where the nearest borders is…The problem with that is–is the fact I think of those things while driving.

I don’t think people understand that people literally will not pick up the phone for a conversation, but will immediately answer a text. Case and point one: yesterday I was supposed to drive up to Northern Phoenix (the I-17 & Carefree highway to those Phoenicians who read) and I called her to tell her I would be late because I was sitting in traffic — well she didn’t answer. Instead of leaving a message I said ok I will get my text on. I let her know via text, and she immediately answered me.

How do I communicate with people without text. Driving is contact time for me. Texting and calling. There are a fee problems with texting and driving. 1. It’s dangerous and can call an accident and 2. It just recently became illegal to do it in Phoenix. ie:

I am just at a loss for words. So apparently we are the first city to do this. I wonder if others have followed. I have tried to cut down a bit, but it’s hard. The repercussions for some reason aren’t the influence of my slowing down. I think it’s my in my old age that’s gettin’ just too hard to do two things at once. No just kidding. I am realizing I am picking up wisdom and how dangerous it is. I think others should back down on the incessant addiction. Either your finger printers will wear down or you could be looking at a fender bender.



Stay on Track Jack December 6, 2007

Steven Gonzales — 12/06/2007


The holiday season is a very tough time to stay in shape. No matter if you are training  to compete in next month’s marathon or are just trying to maintain a healthy life style overall; our ability to stick with our normal eating habits is put to the test. One could argue that they sacrificed all year to enjoy themselves during the holidays, and that is truly fine, but we must realize that our eating habits could help us determine the type of people we truly are inside. It is not so much ‘we are what we eat’, but that ‘our objectives are determined by how we eat’. 


You will be enticed with a large selection of great food this season; you can give in to the temptation of over indulgence or you can resist the urge. I believe that when we are put to the test our true strengths and weaknesses emerge; if we really are focused at achieving a goal we will stay committed to it even in testing times. Our eating is only a metaphor for the determination we have toward reaching our goals in life. We could have a solid track record of doing what it takes to reach our dreams, but all it takes is being side tracked for an instant to be tossed off course. Sometimes we give into an overindulgence and we deal with the consequences of our actions later, but think about what that does to our progress towards the goal. If your goal is to be physically fit, would you exercise until you are almost in the shape you want to be in, then stop working out for a while and start eating junk food? Only to start working out again ‘next month’ to get back in shape? If you are truly committed, you would give it 100% no matter what obstacles are put in the way. Being focused is the key, use temptation to strengthen your desire for wanting your intended outcome. You must apply this thinking in your everyday life, your success will be determined by your commitment towards your goals. 


With out a question, being tested is a good way of measuring progress. Many young professionals are faced with obstacles and temptations in the quest of reaching our aspirations. Our handling of these challenges determines the achievement of those objectives. When you are thinking about that second serving of cheese cake this holiday, ask yourself the following question ‘if my goal was to stay in shape, would I eat another serving of cheese cake’? Then think about your personal goals in life and ask yourself something like “’If my goal was to get an MBA degree, would I stay out and party every night?’ This is how we must manage our goal achievement; by keeping ourselves on the right path at every challenge we will stay focused on reaching our long term objectives. Its just some food for thought to enjoy during your holiday activities.


The true Gift of the Holiday Season December 4, 2007

Steven Gonzales  11/28/2007

The holidays are once again upon us. After Thanksgiving our lives seem to be thrown for a loop. This season could cause a slowdown to your business, or maybe your revenues could increase dramatically. It is an interesting time of year. No matter your situation, there is no doubt increased opportunity for all of us this time of year. What do I mean? Think of all of the social gatherings you will be attending, with all of the new people you will be meeting. Consider all of the local events, the chance to reconnect with others via Christmas cards and the opportunity to show others how much you care. The Holiday season is a great time to network, with the goal of increasing your ‘sphere of influence’. Most people are in a social attitude, you must be as well. Use this wonderful time of the year to your advantage and you will see a payoff in the months or even years ahead. Start developing a plan for action now; target key people and events with the goal of maximizing your opportunity. Do not let this special time of year slip by without making a new contact. Be proactive or you might end up with a lump of coal in your networking.

If you have been stressed out lately, this is also an excellent time to hit the “reset” button and re-analyze yourself, your goals and even your business. Spend time with family members, attend local events and strengthen your message. Now is a perfect time to make sure you will start 2008 off running. Take some time to write down the goals you set for yourself last year. How successful were you at meeting them? What do you know now that will help you better achieve them? What are some of the new directions you would like to explore? These are some key questions you need to ask yourself right now. Don’t worry if you are not where you want to be, admitting your situation is a huge hurdle at self correction. How did you do at managing your finances this past year? I know your life is busy during the holidays, but ask yourself there questions now. You will love yourself later for it! If you are like most people, you might need a little push in the right direction to make sure you are on track. On January 17th YPC will be holding a free Financial Education seminar specifically geared for us, Generation Y. Why you ask? We have time on our side and our entire lives ahead of us, is a good answer. I have learned that one must manage their life as a business to meet goals. Businesses have finance departments, you should as well. Like any good company, you must know how to balance cash flow and income generation. Use now until the day of the event (Jan. 17th) to truly analyze your ‘financials’, we will use that as a starting point to increasing your preparedness for the future. Make sure you sign up and attend this event. Check the YPC website for details.Remember this holiday season; take full advantage of your situation to meet new people and prepare for the New Year. Your future begins today; it is not time to increase your opportunity. Happy Holidays!


Gossip at the Work Place Will Get You Fired! November 13, 2007

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Gossip in the workplace. Can we prevent it? Can we stop it? And should we get fired over it?

Everyone seems to be buzzing in the work place about Chicago-based PR firm Empower Public Relations and its ban on gossip in the office. The policy has garnered recent attention and landed them a spot on TV highlighting there no-tolerance policy that has resulted in three people being fired at the comapny so far. Employees and clients at the agency say they love it, even though it took some time getting used to the tough love from their colleagues–after all it’s a rule that everything good or bad is said to your face.

Let’s face it, gossiping is second nature to just about everyone and we are all guilty of whispering in our cubicles or when we are out on the town. Personally, I applaud Sam Chapman, owner of Empower PR for his quest to create a culture where people can feel comfortable coming to work.

But does it really work? At work we all form “clicks” or have those annoying days we just need to complain until we are blue in the face. While his idea is noble I wonder just how effective it is in reducing or eliminating that competitive spirit or disdain for a colleague.

I’d love to hear from the “gossipers” and those who “refrain from gossiping” at the work place. Is this something you’d love to see? And would it work?


Daniel Moran


Purchasing a Car on Your Terms October 25, 2007

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Everyone knows the process of buying a car can be troublesome, especially if the amount you can spend or want to spend is much lower than the dealer would like to offer it to you for.

Step in middleman.  (  I was privileged enough to be introduced by ASBA CEO, Joan Koerber-Walker to John  Skabelund quite an interesting guy.  Anyways I think he’s really on to something here. Creating a site that allows you to put in prices you are willing to pay and the website handles the negotiating on your behalf.


Unfortunately I just bought a car, and paid ticket price, oh well. But, I will tell you that next time car buying  comes around for me, you can bet I’ll be right on that website.

We were lucky enough to also have John be a part of our Networking With Business Owners for our September event, he along with Jared Smith of bluemedia, Annie Lloyd of One Planet Magazine, Kathy Sacks of Sacks Public Relations and John Adam Kowalski of the John Adams Show , spoke to the Young Pros about their entrepreneurial endeavors.

-Celeste Johnson


Casual Friday October 22, 2007

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Yahoo News recently posted an article that was developed in London created by a team of researchers. The study was called “Swearing at work and permissive leadership culture: When anti-social behavior becomes social and incivility is acceptable.” The study states that swearing in the workplace helps staff to better express their feelings as well as develop personal relationships. The study shows that swearing should not be used in a negative or abusive manner, but it is important to allow people to express themselves freely. I think this article shows how the culture is changing. Our views of the workplace are not what they used to be. It is no longer mandatory to speak only when spoken to, or wear a suite and tie every day to work. It has become “casual Friday”, every day.

I thought is was interesting and kinda funny! 🙂



See you NEXT Tuesday!

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Free  Mixer! Tuesday October 30th
$4 Level Vodka drinks

How’d you get that job? In Sports

sports shot
Ever wondered what it would be like to work for a sports team? Maybe your dream of being a professional athlete is for next lifetime–but you can still be part of a sports corporate team. From the President of a team or perhaps the Director of Partnerships or Communications, these are all intricate positions that keep a sports team running. Stay tuned for more event details.

Event Info:
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

6:00 pm PT – 8:00 pm PT

SIX Lounge,
7316 E Stetson Dr
Scottsdale, AZ85251


Interested in Coming?

Young Pros Connection (YPC), a networking group geared towards young professionals in the Valley. YPC was created to bring together bright young professionals, looking to grow their contacts and increase their knowledge base.

In every career, more often than not, it’s who you know that makes the deal, offers you a job, and helps set the way to a bright future. Why not expand your horizons?