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The Green Campaign Part I June 5, 2008

So, before I got into this I want to give you a little background. I am not a green person — I drive a small non-hybrid suv, I leave the windows and doors open with the air on for cross circulation of cool air, and do the same in my car, my recycling is mediocre — if there’s no bin I’m not bringing it home, if I had a pool/lawn I’m sure I would fill it up/water it with every chance. Styrofoam cups don’t make me cringe either. Do you believe it?

I am just being real. Not going to hide behind anything. I had previously posted what is our part as Generation Y in the evolution of going green. I talked about the zap car back in September. I thought then because I was in the process of buying a new car and thought why not try to go green, but again just washed it aside and but the damn Escape anyways.

Now I am here on a one-woman quest to run a green campaign. It was will be small in looking but a large feat for me. My goal is to incorporate something in the green measure into my daily lifestyle, as long as possible.

Here is where I started. BAGS. Yes, sounds dumb, but how many times do you buy two drinks as the convenient store and are given a bag automatically, that you probably throw in the trash when you get home, or into a draw with a bunch of other bags that never all get used. Anyways — this has been my first task.

I have been on it now for about three weeks. (BTW, I am not ashamed giving props to companies that I may be using in my campaign) My bags that I have been using are 1. The ChicoBag ( I got this from an old boss) 2. Trader Joe’s Bag ( I bought this there one day) 3. Brown paper bags.

Both the Trader Joe’s Bag and The Chico Bag are roomy — I use them when buying small items and the Chico bag can fit in my pocket or purse, so it’s good for storage, trader joe’s not as great. I used the brown bags when I went shopping for food and bought a lot.

I am thinking to buy more ChicoBags and keep them in the car for trips such as these. More to come with my next journey — Cutting time off in the car.

-Celeste Johnson, Expresso PR


Marketing Tactics Getting Sneaky April 9, 2008

So everyone gets those emails from saying you won the UK lottery that might look something like this:

UK Lottery

What about the marketing phone calls — from Timeshare companies or people looking to give you a survey? Well none of these can possibly add up to what I went through just the other day. I got a very suspiscious phone call that went like this:

Me: Hello

Caller: Is this Frank ___ (can’t remember last name but irrelevant)

Me: No you have the wrong number

Caller: OH I hate when people enter other people’s names into contests, because Frank put your number in as the contact number and this number won a possible prize of $5,000

Me: oh really (sarcastically) not interested.

Caller: You can’t say that there’s nothing to loose when you have a chance to win 5,000, 1,000, 500 a new Apple Touch Ipod or a 3-day vacation.

Me: Wait a second 3-day vacation? Are you a timeshare company?

Caller: No No No never — we are a company looking to get you interested in our services and decided to offer you an incentive to visit us with no obligation to buy. So you can walk away slate free.

Me: OK I’m listening.

Caller: Just come down to our offices in Gilber, Arizona and sit through a presentation for 90 min. about the company and go on your marry way.

Me: Do I need anything?

Caller: A license and creditcard or check

Me: well — if I don’t have to buy anything what do I need that for?

Caller: We want to make sure if you ever did want to make traveling that you had the potential to back it.

Me: OK — send me the info (conversation continues, supervisor has to make sure the appointment is set, I go on questioning and such)

Later that day–I went to check up on the company (Star Vacation Club) to see how legit they were. After looking for about 5 minutes I soon realized I walked myself into a potential scam. They had been sited for their lack of business standards and much more. No prizes get awarded, they take your credit info. It was a huge scam. They have no website with valid info, you can’t even call them back if you wanted to.

However I  redialed the number that called in to set them straight luckily I remembered the rep, it didn’t really matter she picked up the phone.

In any case be weary of companies that come off such as these.

Here are just some of the negative responses I found on Star Vacation Club one:

Star Vacation Club — Shame on you.


Good Intentions January 21, 2008

Steven Gonzales 1/21/2008 

There is a saying that I have heard a few times over the last month, and have found it very interesting everytime someone says it: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The reason I find it so interesting is that sadly enough many people in this world fall victim to not fully reaching their desired goal. You have seen it, everyday people say they are going to ‘loose weight’, ‘find a new job’, ‘fix a broken relationship’, etc, and the list goes on. New Years Resolutions, they are set by millions of people as good intentions, but ironically never materialize. It is very sad, but very true. Ironically people who make these claims rarely act to resolve the issue they are so passionate about. Why is this?

It is said that the first step to solving a problem is admiting one exisits. The transitioning point of defining the problem and taking action to solving it is where the trouble lies for most people. Is it because we lack motivation? Maybe because we see other people not follow through with their promises, so we follow their lead. If we are serious about becoming better people in life, why is it so hard for us to make the neccessary changes to correct ourselves?

What keeps you on focus towards reaching your goals? Keeping life in perspective and creating a solid outline of my objectives are what keeps me focused. I once read that overall brain function and health are increased in individuals who mentor others. Please feel free to share some of your strengths with others. Establish yourself as the ‘go-to’ person and you will see a major positive impact in your personal development. This is also a good skill to keep your goals on track.

Take a moment to share your strengths by adding a comment to this message. What keeps you on track? Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? If you do not carry them out, what causes you to stop? Use this time to reflect regarding the type of person you are and where you want to end up. 2008 is still a brand new year and you have time to prepare yourself for it.


An Open letter to the Perez Hilton Websites of the World January 3, 2008

Why is it that no matter how far you get in life, there is still this attraction to wanting to know what is up in the lives of our favorite celebrities, or even ones we hate and hate to love. I have ultimately found myself reading the Perez Hilton websites of the world, that are flooded with the days trash on what celebrities are getting themselves into.


If I wrote about celebrities all day like Perez, my server would blow up and we would have tons of people up in this space. I think it doesn’t matter what age you are there will always be a pull in wanting a view into celebrity life, at least now it’s halfway acceptable. But when I become President of Microsoft, maybe it might be different.


Addicted at the Wheel with Nintendo Thumbs to Prove it December 28, 2007


Yes, I do have a downfall, a few more but I’ll save those for later, it’s the “texting while driving” syndrome. You do it too, I know it.

You don’t need to carry on a whole conversation with someone, hi how are you, how was your weekend — The only information I want out of you is who your hair dresser is or where the nearest borders is…The problem with that is–is the fact I think of those things while driving.

I don’t think people understand that people literally will not pick up the phone for a conversation, but will immediately answer a text. Case and point one: yesterday I was supposed to drive up to Northern Phoenix (the I-17 & Carefree highway to those Phoenicians who read) and I called her to tell her I would be late because I was sitting in traffic — well she didn’t answer. Instead of leaving a message I said ok I will get my text on. I let her know via text, and she immediately answered me.

How do I communicate with people without text. Driving is contact time for me. Texting and calling. There are a fee problems with texting and driving. 1. It’s dangerous and can call an accident and 2. It just recently became illegal to do it in Phoenix. ie:

I am just at a loss for words. So apparently we are the first city to do this. I wonder if others have followed. I have tried to cut down a bit, but it’s hard. The repercussions for some reason aren’t the influence of my slowing down. I think it’s my in my old age that’s gettin’ just too hard to do two things at once. No just kidding. I am realizing I am picking up wisdom and how dangerous it is. I think others should back down on the incessant addiction. Either your finger printers will wear down or you could be looking at a fender bender.



Matures Embrace Technology More Than Gen Y in Workplace: Is this serious?? June 26, 2007

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OK I was reading a press release yesterday, yes sometimes I do that. And it was about a survey done by Randstad, how Generation Y isn’t taking full advantage of technology and using communication tools, like PDA’s and computers in the workplace. It said the baby boomers  and ‘Matures’ are the ones who are more technologically savvy. As far as I know–and I do know my Mom still doesn’t have a clue how a cell phone works beyond dialing a number or how to hyperlink anything, much less engage in a blog. Don’t even get me started on my grandpa.