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An Open letter to the Perez Hilton Websites of the World January 3, 2008

Why is it that no matter how far you get in life, there is still this attraction to wanting to know what is up in the lives of our favorite celebrities, or even ones we hate and hate to love. I have ultimately found myself reading the Perez Hilton websites of the world, that are flooded with the days trash on what celebrities are getting themselves into.


If I wrote about celebrities all day like Perez, my server would blow up and we would have tons of people up in this space. I think it doesn’t matter what age you are there will always be a pull in wanting a view into celebrity life, at least now it’s halfway acceptable. But when I become President of Microsoft, maybe it might be different.


Addicted at the Wheel with Nintendo Thumbs to Prove it December 28, 2007


Yes, I do have a downfall, a few more but I’ll save those for later, it’s the “texting while driving” syndrome. You do it too, I know it.

You don’t need to carry on a whole conversation with someone, hi how are you, how was your weekend — The only information I want out of you is who your hair dresser is or where the nearest borders is…The problem with that is–is the fact I think of those things while driving.

I don’t think people understand that people literally will not pick up the phone for a conversation, but will immediately answer a text. Case and point one: yesterday I was supposed to drive up to Northern Phoenix (the I-17 & Carefree highway to those Phoenicians who read) and I called her to tell her I would be late because I was sitting in traffic — well she didn’t answer. Instead of leaving a message I said ok I will get my text on. I let her know via text, and she immediately answered me.

How do I communicate with people without text. Driving is contact time for me. Texting and calling. There are a fee problems with texting and driving. 1. It’s dangerous and can call an accident and 2. It just recently became illegal to do it in Phoenix. ie:

I am just at a loss for words. So apparently we are the first city to do this. I wonder if others have followed. I have tried to cut down a bit, but it’s hard. The repercussions for some reason aren’t the influence of my slowing down. I think it’s my in my old age that’s gettin’ just too hard to do two things at once. No just kidding. I am realizing I am picking up wisdom and how dangerous it is. I think others should back down on the incessant addiction. Either your finger printers will wear down or you could be looking at a fender bender.



WHOA Electric and Hybrid–Zap Car September 1, 2007

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Yesterday I was driving through Phoenix, on my way downtown, I saw this:



It’s called a ZAP car, ZAP  stands for Zero Air Pollution. The “car” has three wheels: one in the front two in the back and runs purely on electricity. Though going only up to 40 mph.  It made me think to myself, is this the next generation of cars, hmm probably not, but as these types of cars become more “attractive” they will in fact become a popular move for driving through city streets. It only goes for a whopping 10 grand. The excuse on affordability is not likely.

But as a current car shopper myself, I have been looking into the hybrid vehicle, maybe even the “me too” honda civic hybrid, that looks a bit more on the attractive side for me and still drives the traditional mph.

Is it our duty to make sure we are contributing in making our air a bit safer? Sometimes I think so, sometimes not….today I do.


What’s on your mind? August 29, 2007

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It’s official and the ball is now rolling. As everyone is aware in the last two months exciting things have been brewing behind the scenes with the organization—and with a group of young ambitious professionals there is even more to come.

I am excited and honored to be a part of our group that is building a forum for young people to come together and make the needed connections, share our success stories and trade great ideas and advice. That being said, this blog is an opportunity for us to come together outside out meetings or events and talk about anything that is important to us—the Young Pros of the Valley.

What is on everyone’s mind out there?

– Is it finding great fashions that are professional, yet bearable in the hot days of


– Asking for that needed pay raise in your yearly review coming up next month?

– Or how about how to deal with the annoying guy in the cubicle across from you?

Whatever it is this is a place for us to stir up some conversation—so let’s hear from you.


Daniel Moran


Reality Shows that Just got better July 9, 2007

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Everyone I’m sure has a reality show that just does it for them, from Flavor of Love and I Love New York to the Surreal Life and America’s next top Model. But, there is one that just seems to get the most play–Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, every Sunday night millions of Americans watch families get thieir homes redone. This right here is a parody of that show on You Tube — Check out I’m Nice.

 What I think is most interesting is the responses from a couple of people are in video form, something that’s just really catching on in You Tube world, I would think people would be all about it from the get go.