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Purchasing a Car on Your Terms October 25, 2007

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Everyone knows the process of buying a car can be troublesome, especially if the amount you can spend or want to spend is much lower than the dealer would like to offer it to you for.

Step in middleman.  (  I was privileged enough to be introduced by ASBA CEO, Joan Koerber-Walker to John  Skabelund quite an interesting guy.  Anyways I think he’s really on to something here. Creating a site that allows you to put in prices you are willing to pay and the website handles the negotiating on your behalf.


Unfortunately I just bought a car, and paid ticket price, oh well. But, I will tell you that next time car buying  comes around for me, you can bet I’ll be right on that website.

We were lucky enough to also have John be a part of our Networking With Business Owners for our September event, he along with Jared Smith of bluemedia, Annie Lloyd of One Planet Magazine, Kathy Sacks of Sacks Public Relations and John Adam Kowalski of the John Adams Show , spoke to the Young Pros about their entrepreneurial endeavors.

-Celeste Johnson


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