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If I Had a Million Dollars… October 1, 2007

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We all have the dream.

The dream of one day looking at our bank account with a substantial amount of zeros (or at least 3 or 4 commas) in the total amount available. Or at least the day where we don’t see the words ‘overdraft fee’ written on our monthly bank statements.

As young professionals, we are always striving for success–both personally and professionally. Every day in our lives is another step in the direction to achieving our dreams.

I have seen this wave of ‘entrepreneurship’ sweep across members of our generation and a strong drive and mentality to be ‘your own boss’, which to me, proves to be both inspiring and concerning. Don’t get me wrong, the entrepreneur bug bit me long ago and I have had the thought ‘If only I worked for myself…’ run through my mind numerous times in the past.

But while those thoughts were good and the primary reason why I started my own company, I had to learn the hard way that I won’t be making a million dollars overnight. I realized that while I was one of many people who wanted to work for themselves and felt I was ready to do so, I wasn’t ready for the unexpected challenges and struggles faced with owning your own business. Challenges and struggles that you can never really prepare yourself for, no matter how ‘ready’ you think you are.

I read this article in the October issue of Entrepreneur Magazine last week on ‘Young Millionaires’. It was a great read and gives some expert advice if you are thinking about taking the plunge, already have or just need a little inspiration.

And even though we won’t become millionaires tonight or by the end of the year (unless of course one of us has a lucky streak at the casino or wins the powerball), we are all still young enough to make it happen.



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