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WHOA Electric and Hybrid–Zap Car September 1, 2007

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Yesterday I was driving through Phoenix, on my way downtown, I saw this:



It’s called a ZAP car, ZAP  stands for Zero Air Pollution. The “car” has three wheels: one in the front two in the back and runs purely on electricity. Though going only up to 40 mph.  It made me think to myself, is this the next generation of cars, hmm probably not, but as these types of cars become more “attractive” they will in fact become a popular move for driving through city streets. It only goes for a whopping 10 grand. The excuse on affordability is not likely.

But as a current car shopper myself, I have been looking into the hybrid vehicle, maybe even the “me too” honda civic hybrid, that looks a bit more on the attractive side for me and still drives the traditional mph.

Is it our duty to make sure we are contributing in making our air a bit safer? Sometimes I think so, sometimes not….today I do.


2 Responses to “WHOA Electric and Hybrid–Zap Car”

  1. Thanks for the note on your blog. I work for ZAP and we designed the XEBRA to be quick to market and a no-nonsense way of driving gas-free today. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone. I drive one, though and I sure love not having to buy gas. Even the commercially available hybrids only use gasoline, but I think that will change.

    Yes, we have a duty to conserve and to leave behind a better world for future generations. If not, then why are we here?

  2. […] posted what is our part as Generation Y in the evolution of going green. I talked about the zap car back in September. I thought then because I was in the process of buying a new car and thought why […]

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