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What’s on your mind? August 29, 2007

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It’s official and the ball is now rolling. As everyone is aware in the last two months exciting things have been brewing behind the scenes with the organization—and with a group of young ambitious professionals there is even more to come.

I am excited and honored to be a part of our group that is building a forum for young people to come together and make the needed connections, share our success stories and trade great ideas and advice. That being said, this blog is an opportunity for us to come together outside out meetings or events and talk about anything that is important to us—the Young Pros of the Valley.

What is on everyone’s mind out there?

– Is it finding great fashions that are professional, yet bearable in the hot days of


– Asking for that needed pay raise in your yearly review coming up next month?

– Or how about how to deal with the annoying guy in the cubicle across from you?

Whatever it is this is a place for us to stir up some conversation—so let’s hear from you.


Daniel Moran


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