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Networking with Young Business Owners and Entrepreneurs–September 25 August 27, 2007

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Save the date for our next event Tuesday September 25, 6pm at Six Lounge in Scottsdale. Sign up online at:

Ever wonder what it would be like to someday own your own business?

Youth, we’ve been told so many times, is wasted on the young. Not this group. A generation ago, when many of our entrepreneurial whiz kids were still in diapers, starting your own business was considered akin to career loafing, occupational flailing. The kind of thing your parents would frown upon, and encourage you to find work in, say, plastics.

Come and find out how these young entrepreneurs in the Valley got their wings to start their own businesses!

Our Line Up so FAR:

Jared Smith, president, bluemedia (

interested in connecting with a certain entrepreneur in the Valley? Let us know.

Sign up online at:


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