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An open email announcement August 27, 2007

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No worries on the fact that I have been dodging emails, phone calls, press calls (at least two out of three). I have been busy at work getting some fuel going for the growth of the Young Pros Connection in Phoenix.

There has been a lot cooking since the launch of our group in June, glad you were able to join us and if you weren’t, this will come as even more as a delight.
We have a big announcement, which has been under wraps for some time (though some did get it out of me).

The ASBA ( will now be partnering with our group to help it grow with more resources. What does that mean? Check out our blog to see what it’s all about:

Comments are definitely welcome and encouraged. If you’re interested in being a guest blogger let us know!

Our group is definitely taking on its own shape with the recent appointment of our Board Members:
You will be hearing more about who they are for the next few weeks as I have the honor of introducing them on our blog, make sure to check back.

Mollie Molumby, Onyx
Brandon Hodgins, David and Sam PR
Kai Ekbundit, The Smith Group
Daniel Moran, Brosseau PR

There is room for more board members on sub committees, if you are interested let us know by emailing

Finally, our next event is set for Tuesday September 25 at 6pm at Six Lounge. It’s an opportunity to Network with Young Business Owners, the July event we postponed. If you have certain entrepreneur you would like to meet, let us know and we will try to get them there!! Register online at our EventBrite Page:

Stay tuned for more happenings. This will be THE group to make yourself apart of…

PS: Pass Along the info.



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