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Katrina Victims still not resting July 11, 2007

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I am not one to usually ramble off on an agenda of some sort, but this deeply troubled me and I encourage all of you to pay attention to this as well. I was watching CNN’s keeping them honest show with Anderson Cooper, there was a segment on that talked about some of the victims of Katrina that had bodies unclaimed, laying in a warehouse. The New Orleans coroner wants to put together a memorial that he designed for all of the unclaimed bodies. My problem is that he and the city are holding up the process because they need to raise money, 1.5 million to be exact–so I encourage all of you to help in this cause. The government won’t pay because their aid goes to damaged property and because this is a new structure they put money into it. He is at about $250,000 right now and every bit will help.

What the special didn’t mention was where you could get the info on donating, with a little research I found that site and will share it here

Here is the CNN Special–


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