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Privacy at – linking myspace and facebook July 3, 2007

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I found out about this interesting site reading through one of my new favorite blog rolls last week–Notes from the Digital Frontier (you should read it, it’s a good one–more about that a later time) Anyways, there was a post by one of the regulars about Social Media Profiles and how they can be an online resume on personality and ability. Being that I have a ridiculous amount of profiles from Linked IN to MySpace and Facebook, I can see how this actually could pose a problem, because yes my LinkedIN profile is tamed, and I haven’t really done any additions to facebook as yet, but MySpace is another story(I won’t be distributing publically). There was a comment about trying out a new service called Minggl 


First, a brief description from their own site: “MiNGGL is a free, simple, and easy-to-use browser plugin that helps you connect with friends and manage your profile, whether you’re a member of one or multiple social networking sites. With the MiNGGL Social Palette, your friends and favorite social spots will be connected into a larger network that you control.”

Sounds good, right? Aggregators are becoming popular nowadays, which is the natural step in the world of post-myspace and post-facebook startups that hope to claim a piece of the social media world. Minggl’s potential uniqueness in this paradigm is that it does not simply aggregate data using rss, opml or api on their own site – instead they provide a browser toolbar / plugin that allows their own Minggl notes to be added directly to the site in question (so far myspace and facebook). A little note shows up in the white-space surrounding the facebook / myspace profile that sums up your relationship to the person, and if the person also happens to be a minggl user, more of these floating boxes will appear throughout the profile, nicely embedded wherever the user decided to add one of these notes.

So, it’s a whole way for you to be private about the information you put out there. Only show what you want. The program is still in beta right now so I’m sure you’ll get the proxy errors for a while, but people should definately get onto using it. I am signing up and am sure it will prove to be an asset for myself, with my interesting friends who leave “friendly” comments on myspace…


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