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Join the Connection June 29, 2007

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Young Pros Connection is a group unlike you’ve ever been a part of….Start networking and build your foundation here for your career success.

Membership Benefits:

Monthly Networking Night- Empowering Young Pros Connection members to build their careers and Network. at a discounted rate. 

Continuing Education Program – Monthly morning chats to build career and business skills

 YPC Job Site – locate Valley career opportunities for Young Pros easily and confidentially (October 2007) 

Advisory Board – Opportunities to help carry out mission of Young Pros Connection

Awards –recognize the accomplishments of your peers

Consultants Database– a service available for matching peer mentors  

Today’s Valley Young Pro-monthly webzine devoted to the issues affecting YPC member’s careers 

Volunteering – opportunities that build leadership skills and networking opportunities supporting Phoenix 

You can sign up online under Yearly discounted membership through July 10 at: 

Email questions to:


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